• Asset-Based Lending

Many businesses face challenges and transitions. For these, asset-based lending may be a powerful financing solution.

First Business Capital Corp. is a leading provider of financing to privately held businesses with sales from $5,000,000 to $50,000,000. First Business Capital Corp. has a reputation for being a consistent, responsive, and flexible problem solver. At First Business Capital Corp. we focus our underwriting on the collateral provided and recent business performance. We need to understand the past; however, our financing is structured to recognize recent performance and meet the future requirements of the business.

The businesses that are referred to First Business Capital Corp. are in a state of transition for a variety of reasons:


Transitioning to a larger scale of business due to an increase in customers, a large increase in business from existing customers; or both; the transition may be causing some discomfort to the incumbent lender due to the increased financing required for higher inventory and receivable levels, higher leverage, or both.


Transitioning to profitable level of operations is the result of a turnaround plan that has been implemented and is showing results.


Transitioning to a new ownership or capital structure: a management led acquisition; an acquisition by a private equity sponsor; or the acquisition of another company or product line.


Transitioning to a new capital structure that may include: a conversion of debt to equity; a conversion of trade accounts payable to long term trade notes payable; the repurchase stock from some existing shareholders; the payment of a special distribution or dividend.

Transition to a relationship with First Business Capital Corp. We are dedicated to solving the financing problems of privately held entrepreneurial businesses. We commit the time and resources to fully understand the business challenges of each client and provide the financing solutions that help these businesses grow and prosper.

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