• Retirement Planning

What do you want your retirement to look like? Can you have the retirement you want?

"What do you want your retirement to look like?" and "Can you have the retirement you want?" are two commonly asked questions with answers that are as unique as the individuals we serve. 

Whether you are just starting to save for retirement or you are getting ready to retire we can provide the advice, tools, and support to help prepare you to meet your unique retirement objectives.

Regardless of the retirement phase you may be in, our team of advisors is ready to help.

Getting Started and Accumulation Phase:

During the accumulation phase the focus is on maximizing savings while balancing competing objectives such as buying a home, paying down debt, funding a child’s college education or supporting a parent.   

Commonly asked questions include:

  • Am I saving enough?
  • Have I made the most of my company sponsored retirement plan?
  • Should I contribute to a Roth IRA or 401(K)?
  • What other retirement saving accounts should I consider?
  • Do I have the right mix of investments given my objectives?
  • Can I delay saving for retirement while I pay down other debts?

Pre-Retirement Phase:

General retirement plans become more specific as you get closer to retirement. Within 5 years of an estimated retirement date the questions turn towards:

  • How much will I need to fund my retirement objectives?
  • How will pay for health care related costs?
  • Should I consider a long-term care policy?
  • I don’t want to lose what I’ve accumulated, but I am also concerned about rising costs. Given these concerns, what is an appropriate investment asset mix?
  • When should I apply for social security? How can I best maximize social security payments?
  • If I retired tomorrow what would my retirement cash flow look like? Will it last?

Retirement Phase:

The focus turns towards maintaining your financial independence. Questions asked most often include:

  • How will market volatility impact my retirement portfolio?
  • Will I outlive my money?
  • How much can I safely gift to my children or charities?
  • How do I balance the need for income and growth with a desire for lower risk?

Our services and solutions include:

Planning Services

  • Retirement cash flow projections
  • Asset allocation review and recommendations
  • Social Security income analysis
  • Retirement distribution strategies
  • Pension election analysis
  • Trust and Estate Planning

Individual Retirement Accounts

  • Rollover IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Inherited IRA

Retirement Plans

  • Self-Employed 401(K)
  • 401(k) Plan

The process of retiring should be exciting, free of worry and stress. Let us put our experience to work for you and your family and be rest assured and confident you’re getting everything you can out of the retirement you planned for. Call us today to experience the First Business difference.

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