• Estate Settlement Services

Estate Settlement Services

Whether your estate passes to your heirs by Will under probate, or passes to your designated beneficiaries by means of a Revocable Trust and avoids the probate process, certain administrative tasks are unavoidable. First Business Trust & Investments is available to do the “heavy lifting” of asset consolidation, accounting, determination of cost basis of estate assets, fiduciary tax returns, estate tax returns (if applicable), payment of debts of the decedent, inventory preparation, beneficiary distributions, and other estate-related duties. Please see the attached for additional information about our estate settlement services

Please advise your attorney if you wish to name us in your estate planning documents either as a personal representative or a successor trustee. If a trust continues in existence after the settlement of the estate, First Business as the successor trustee could continue to serve and professionally manage the trust until the trust terminates.

Our full legal name for the purpose of naming us in your Will or Trust is: First Business Trust & Investments, a division of First Business Bank.

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