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First Business Trust & Investments, a division of First Business Bank, has been a Wisconsin-based, full-service corporate fiduciary since 2001 – providing a broad range of trust services to individuals and businesses.   First Business can act as a corporate fiduciary for individual revocable and irrevocable trusts, estates, guardianships, charitable trusts, and IRA trusts.   We work as a part of your team of professional advisors to help you fully realize your estate, business succession, or legacy plans.  We recognize that choosing a trustee is one of the most important decisions you can make when creating a trust.  Our strength, stability and expertise make us a corporate trustee you can rely on. 

Managing your Trust Investments

First Business Trust & Investments recognizes that a trustee is under an obligation to both manage assets prudently and to administer a trust capably.  As a professional corporate trustee we offer both administrative and investment expertise and professionalism.  Our clients benefit when the trusted advisors who know them and their family best make investment decisions with their overall portfolio and long-term estate planning and financial objectives in mind.

Advantages to You

Investment independence -- First Business does not offer proprietary investment products -- so your unique financial plan can be executed without any conflict of interest.  Instead we have the freedom to select investments that we believe will best meet the objectives of your trust.  Our team of experienced financial specialists invests trust assets using disciplined selection and allocation techniques, targeted towards managing risk and building wealth.

Professional administration -- We administer your trust with expertise – handling accounting, recordkeeping, bill payment, fiduciary tax preparation, and making mandatory and discretionary distributions in accordance with the terms of your trust.

Personal relationship -- Our local presence means that you develop a personal relationship with your trust administration and investment team.  We don’t believe in using 800 numbers – no matter the size of your relationship with us!  Instead you can expect a responsive, caring, and pro-active team that knows you and your family, and offers the highest level of personalized service.

Comprehensive portfolio management – First Business manages your trust alongside your other assets so that investment decisions can be made with your overall portfolio and total holdings in mind.   

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