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It begins with a proven process.

At First Business we consider each client our most important client. We take the time to get to know your unique goals and investment needs. Rather than selling you a financial product, we partner with you to help maximize your success in navigating an increasingly complicated investment world.

Our investment process begins with you. We recognize that no two clients are alike. We develop a thorough understanding of your unique needs by learning about your risk tolerance, investment time-horizon, income needs, tax situation and other factors that are critical to building your customized investment plan. 

Our Approach to Investments

At First Business we strive to help you achieve attractive risk adjusted returns on your investments over the long-term while striving to preserve capital during times of market weakness. We believe:

  1. Capital preservation deserves as much consideration as capital appreciation when making investment decisions. 
  2. Asset allocation is the most important contributor to overall investment performance and risk control.
  3. A portfolio should be routinely reviewed and repositioned based on a systematic review of global macroeconomic conditions along with technical and fundamental criteria.
  4. Having the right asset class exposure in a portfolio can be more important than selecting individual securities.  That is why both passive and active security management strategies should be considered when constructing efficient portfolios.

The result is a globally diversified portfolio covering a range of asset classes that is responsive to varying market conditions.

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