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October 04, 2013

Tough-guy actor Danny Trejo says 'Don't mess with Miller Time'

Actor Danny Trejo is not a man to be messed with on the silver screen. (See: â;€Âoe;Macheteâ;€Â; and "Machete Kills.")

Neither is he a man to be messed with in real life. (He was a boxing champion while serving time in Californiaâ;€™s San Quentin State Prison, according to TVGuide.com.)

Now his message is, â;€Âoe;Donâ;€™t mess with Miller Time.â;€Â;

MillerCoors LLC has tapped Trejo for a Miller Lite advertising campaign that launched Wednesday on national Spanish-language television. Trejo will also make specialâ;€¦;

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