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October 05, 2013

Sanford D'Amato to stop at Coquette cooking class on book tour

Sanford Dâ;€™Amato will make another stop at one of his old stomping grounds this fall as part of the book tour for his memoir, â;€Âoe;Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer.â;€Â;

This time, heâ;€™s visiting Coquette Cafe Nov. 19 and participating in a cooking class.

Dâ;€™Amato, a James Beard Award-winning chef, opened Coquette, 316 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, in 1999 and sold it to Nick Burki and Chris Hatleli in 2010. He sold his first restaurant, Sanford, in late 2012.

The class will feature recipes fromâ;€¦;

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