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October 13, 2013

Herb in the house: Kohl more active in Bucks front office

Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl has become more involved in the Bucks business operations since retiring from the U.S. Senate in January, and two front-office executives say thatÃf;¢;â;Â,;¬;â;Â,,;¢;s a positive development.Ãf;¢;â;Â,;¬;Ã...;Â";HeÃf;¢;â;Â,;¬;â;Â,,;¢;s nobodyÃf;¢;â;Â,;¬;â;Â,,;¢;s owner but ours now,Ãf;¢;â;Â,;¬;Ã,;Â; executive vice president of business operations John Steinmiller told me.

That was play on words from KohlÃf;¢;â;Â,;¬;â;Â,,;¢;s U.S. Senate campaign slogan that he would be Ãf;¢;â;Â,;¬;Ã...;Â";NobodyÃf;¢;â;Â,;¬;â;Â,,;¢;s senator but yoursÃf;¢;â;Â,;¬;Ã,;Â; because he self-fundedâ;€¦;

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