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October 08, 2013

Brady Corp. stock unfazed by CEO's abrupt departure

Investors didnâ;€™t get too spooked by the abrupt announcement Monday of Frank Jaehnertâ;€™s immediate retirement as Brady Corp. president and CEO.

Milwaukee-based Bradyâ;€™s stock price (NYSE: BRC) was trading near $29.83 per share Monday afternoon and had dipped as low as $29.43 during the day, but didnâ;€™t sink past the stockâ;€™s 52-week low of $29.11 per share. It reached as high as $29.97 per share Monday, which lags the 52-week high of $36.45.

Jaehnert will stay on as a consultant through Dec.â;€¦;

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