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September 01, 2010

Waukesha's United Way organizes flash mob

Lunchtime crowds in downtown Waukesha were greeted bye a flash mob. It was put together by the United Way for it’s 2010 campaign. FOX6 cameras were there to see the five minute demonstration.

The Waukesha County United Way used everything from texting to Facebook to Twitter to gather a crowd of demonstrators. United Way Rep Jayne Thoma says, "Students from Carroll University. We’ve got a number of students from Waukesha School District. We have a number of individuals from companies that are supporting the United Way campaign that are going to be here today well over 200."

After a quick rally they moved to the center of Waukesha all wearing ’Live United" t-shirts, and on cue flashed their shirts to the lunchtime traffic.

They also carried signs highlighting how the United Way touches thousands of lives. Thoma says, "Help the community, be aware of needs in our community. We’ve recently set a goal of $4.3M here in Waukesha County."

They were all speaking to those Waukesha County residents who do not contribute to the campaign. Co-Chair of the 2010 Campaign Dave Vetta says, "I’ll tell you we have about 20% of Waukesha County that’s using the United Way, and about 5% of Waukesha County that’s giving. So we have to make sure that people that have been giving recognize how important it is."

The flash mob was brief just a few minutes, but hopefully the message got through. Thoma says, "Many of the non-profits are struggling and out hope is that they can really count on United Way, and consistent funding for the 2011 calendar year."

The United Way campaign in Waukesha County runs through the end of November.

Source: FOX6 Reporter: Gus Gnorski

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