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June 18, 2014

First Business Ranks as a Top 40 Community Bank Nationwide by American Banking Magazine

MADISON, Wis., June 18, 2014 -- First Business Financial Services was recognized by American Banker Magazine as one of the top pubically traded community banks in the United States. American Banker evaluates all publically traded community banks and thrifts annually, and ranks and publishes the top 200 in its trade publication, American Banker Magazine.

"It’s getting tougher to earn a spot in our annual ranking. With the solowly recovering economy helping improve profitabilty, the return on equity that it takes to crack into the top 200 has been on the rise for a few years." stated American Banker Managing Editor, Bonnie McGeer. The cut-off for last year’s list was an ROAE of 7.8%, compared to this year’s list with the cut-off being 8.66%.

"The top performers listed here are doing significantly better as a group than the whole." commented McGrer. Their median ROE was 10.44% for 2013 (versus 5.7% for the entire peer group.). 

First Business ranked 40th on the nationwide list with a 3 year ROAE of 13.27%, 2.83% above the median ROE of the top 200 performers and 7.57% above the median for the entire peer group.  

The Top 200 Community Banks list can be viewed at www.americanbanker.com 

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