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May 18, 2012

Topic: Business Leadership

Successful Family Business Transitions: The Soft Side of Hard Issues

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While over 75% of all family businesses want to continue into the next generation, the reality is that only 30% make it. The rest are sold or worse yet, fail. What do successful families do to beat the odds? Dean R. Fowler, Ph.D., a world renowned consultant specializing in the emotional dynamics of family business transitions, will use case examples to show how great family businesses thrive for generations. The keys to success are regular, formal family communication that includes the entire family, and proactive next generation members who take the lead in designing an effective transition plan. Dr. Fowler is recognized as one of the world"s leading experts specializing in the emotional dynamics that impact families-in-business and families of wealth. The international association, The Family Firm Institute, recently honored him by selecting him to receive the prestigious "Award for Interdisciplinary Achievement". His book " Love, Power and Money " has won world-wide acclaim in reviews in the major publications dealing with family enterprises as one of the best books on integrated family transition planning. During the past twenty-seven years, Dean Fowler has served over 300 family clients in both the United States and Europe. His firm, Dean Fowler Associates, provides integrated services focusing on the "soft side of hard issues" by working closely with the other professional advisors trusted by the family client. This event will be moderated by JoAnne Brandes. JoAnne retired after a 25+ year career with the S.C. Johnson family of companies as the Executive Vice President, CAO, General Counsel, and Secretary of Johnson Diversey,Inc. She was responsible for all legal matters, Human Resources, Communications, Public Affairs, and administration for the company and its over 70 international and domestic subsidiaries. JoAnne was a member of the company"s management committee and held major responsibility for the company"s acquisition and integration of global companies adding over $2 billion in sales.

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