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October 02, 2013

Topic: Business Leadership

Developing Leadership...in yourself or in others

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Anyone can be a leader yet what makes someone credible enough to earn the loyalty, support, and following of others? This program will present the competencies necessary for anyone within the workplace who strives to earn the title of ‘leader’ from their constituents. It will help both those who are aspiring to become a leader and those who need guidance in developing the next generation of leaders within your organization.     

Our October seminar will be facilitated by Kay Fett, an experienced trainer, educator, and workplace coach. Her company, K. fett resources!, founded in 1992, specializes in customizing training programs and workplace development specifically in the topical areas of sales, client service, coaching, professionalism, and leadership development. She has motivated audiences throughout the United States with her enthusiasm, practicality, and hands-on delivery, yet she is at her best when she is one-on-one with her coaching participants. A few of her major clients have been Abbott Labs, In Sink Erator, and Kohler Company. After a short hiatus living in Arizona, she has returned to Wisconsin and happy to have become a resident of Madison.

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