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December 06, 2013

Topic: Business Leadership

2014 Northeast Wisconsin Results

The results of the 2014 First Business Economic Survey of Northeast Wisconsin are in. Find out what Northeast Wisconsin business leaders said about 2014 actual and 2015 predicted economic indicators:

  • sales revenue
  • total operating costs
  • capital expenditures
  • profitability
  • number of employees
  • changes in wages
  • changes in pricing
  • demand for education and experience levels in job applicants

Click here to see the 2014 First Business Economic Survey Report for Northeast Wisconsin

Key take-aways include:

  • A significantly higher percentageof businesses, 64% in 2014, reported increased Sales Revenue, compared to 51% in 2013.
  • The percentage of Northeast Wisconsin businesses reporting increased Profitability went up significantly from 39% in 2013 to 54% in 2014.  Businesses targeting the Northeast Wisconsin region also reported a significant increase in Profitability from 40% in 2013 to 61% in 2014. A significantly lower percentageof businesses in each of the target segments reported a decrease in Profitability in 2014.
  • A slightly higher percentage of companies reported increased Operating Cost in 2014.
  • While not significant, the percentage of businesses reporting an increased Capital Expenditure went up to 42% in 2014 from 39% in 2013.
  • The percentage of Northeast Wisconsin businesses reporting an increase in Number of Employees saw a statistically significant increase to 50% in 2014 from 23% in2013.
  • At least 60% within all sectors reported increased Wage sin 2014, while 52% of all businesses reported an Increase in Pricing.
  • In terms of Capacity Utilization, 41% of businesses reported capacity at 90% or higher in 2014 compared to just 31% in 2013; a statistically significant increase.
  • While not statistically significant, a higher percentage of Northeast Wisconsin businesses reported Exceeding Expected Performance, 25% in 2014 compared to 20% in 2013. Slightly higher than last year, around 44% of Northeast Wisconsin businesses were able to meet their Expectations in 2014.
  • A record high 95% of businesses project better performancein 2015, projecting overall a positive outlookfor next year.


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