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July 09, 2010

Why CEOs Need to Harness People Power

Do you have an idea to improve the way things are done in your company? Well, guess whatyou’re not alone. Ask your co-workers if they, too, have ideas. You will quickly discover that even in the best-run companies there are thousands of ideas that can improve the way things are done. In fact, in most large companies there are so many that it is difficult to manage and keep track of them.

My research and work with clients across many industries over the last decade show that a company has, on average, around one idea per employee to improve the way it operates. The real challenge is in effectively capturing these ideas and acting upon them. Before you begin to wonder why these ideas don’t go anywhere, most company managers are not dumb. The reason these ideas for improving company performance have not been implemented is because of what I call "barriers"organizational and human constraints that prevent them from being implemented.

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