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April 06, 2010

Tips & Techniques for Engaging Customers With Social Media

Many organizations have realized the importance of integrating social media tools into their online customer engagement armamentarium. Among the tools that are being adopted are Twitter Feeds, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Facebook Pages, Myspace Pages, LinkedIn Profiles & Groups, Google Buzz and YouTube Channels. Some organizations, especially in the consumer space, are experimenting with location-based mobile check-in tools like Gowalla or the increasingly popular Foursquare, for generating loyalty-based engagement including recognizing the "Mayor" or highest utilizer or consumer of your service. You can find out more about Foursquare here.

Selecting which tools to adopt is going to vary based on your industry, organizational culture, resources you’re willing to invest, the nature of the target audience(s) you are pursuing and most importantly your goals. For some organizations, it will mean embracing many of these social media tools, while for others, it will be adoption on a more selective basis. If you’re relatively new to this space, you’re going to want to start small and experiment with a limited number of tools once you’ve identified your goals.

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