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May 21, 2012

Technology: Who owns what when employees use their own tech

My Twitter colleague Brian Katz (@bmkatz) relayed to me and his other Twitter followers a question asked in various forms at this week’s Interop conference: Who owns the phone number for a BYOD item? Who owns the Twitter handle when an employee tweets? My first reaction was, "Why is this even a question? The employee owns the number or handle if it’s his or her account." Upon reflection, I’m sticking with that answer.

But the larger issue deserves some exploration: When employees bring their own technology to the table, who owns it? It’s a real question for IT, which is charged with managing the security of corporate information no matter where it flows. It should also be a question for HR and the C-suite executives as to where responsibility lies on issues related to company brand, identity, and work process.

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