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April 01, 2011

Technology: Securing Computer and Office

You’re on the verge of launching your business, and whether you have a home business or are leasing office space, you must take certain security measures for your computer and office facility. Two of the common mistakes made with either computer equipment or the data contained within is the failure to back up important files (when various vendors can make it easier) and the lack of technology savvy associated with putting bank account information (or Social Security numbers) in e-mail transmissions.

Such carelessness actually happens, which makes information technology yet another area that sole proprietors should not wade into alone. No matter how technically proficient they believe themselves to be, the all-important area of computer security should be treated like accounting or law. "A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves," noted Bryan Chan, president and founder of SupraNet, "but computers and IT and Internet security are really no different than those other professions."

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