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July 01, 2011

Technology: The right device and apps make the office wherever you happen to be

There is a lament about technology that usually begins with the anecdote "we put a man on the moon with less computing power than in today’s digital wristwatch.â€

Just imagine what those engineers could have done with a smartphone Houston, I think we have an app for that!

The workplace has seen the same kind of technological innovation, and there is no sign the pace of change will abate. In a little bit more than a decade, the phones have become a lot smaller and definitely a lot smarter; the apps are slicker and customizable; and the office is wherever you happen to have a combination of the two.

Need to run a meeting? No problem, grab your smartphone, tablet or laptop, fire up a couple of handy apps, and you can run the meeting. No one needs to know you are actually sitting in a beach chair in sunny Door County.

Survival in today’s workplace means not whether you can meet those expectations, but how you will spend your dollars so that you can.

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