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July 02, 2010

Salespeople can double commissions by making right choices

One of the questions I hear most frequently is: "How do I earn more commissions?†The answer is simple. You just have to do one of three things:
1. Increase the number of prospects in your sales funnel.
2. Increase your average commission per sale.
3. Shorten your selling cycle.

Most salespeople pick choice No. 3, but few have a clue what a selling "cycle†is, let alone how to shorten it.

I would say No. 1 is probably the easiest route to take, but few have a system to getting prospects in the first place. And even if they do have a system, they lack the discipline to stick to it.

No. 2 wins the award for most simple, yet it is definitely the toughest to do.

Here is some insight into all three options.

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