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June 24, 2011

Sales: It's all in the presentation

Think about the last time you went to a movie. Or out to dinner. Here’s one thing I can guarantee: You didn’t call up the theater, ask what the price of their tickets were, and then pick a feature at random.

You didn’t randomly quiz a restaurant hostess about the menu choices and then make a split-second decision to eat there.

Instead, your selection process may have looked a bit more like this. For a movie, perhaps you thought back to recent trailers you saw at the theater or on TV. You remembered some reviews. Or maybe you watched out for the new adaptation of that book you couldn’t put down.

With a restaurant, you and your dinner companion probably thought about what kind of food you were in the mood for steak? Asian fusion? Fish fry? Good old pizza? And you recalled the place your best friend was praising the other day.

The point is, even for just a two-hour investment of your life, you probably gave some real thought to the choice and made a selection based on much more complex criteria than just the price of the meal or the show time at the multiplex.

Why should your customer be any different?

Presentations, not proposals
One of the core lessons I teach my clients is that, when it comes to selling the value of your organization to your prospective customer, the most important step isn’t the proposal. It’s the presentation.

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