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August 17, 2011

Sales: Call reports show what kind of salesperson you are

Regular readers of this column should understand by now my core mission: to turn the traditional vendor salesperson into a true business resource for prospective customers.

The difference between the two extends to everything you do at work. There’s no clearer illustration than in how we approach sales call reports.

We may live in a paperless office today (hah!), but in whatever form they take entered in a notebook, a tablet computer or from your smart phone when we come back from our sales meeting we still have to fire off a report and send it up the chain.

And if we’re operating as a business resource, that report will be about as different from a traditional sales report as an NFL team is from an elementary school flag football league.

The old way
The traditional sales call report is transactional and reactive. It mirrors the traditional sales mindset and traditional sales knowledge. Take a look:

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