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September 03, 2010

Peak Performance: The Middle-Aged Brain is in its Prime

While I was dining with several girlfriends, one of them asked, "Hey, do you ever wonder where your brain goes when you hit middle age?â€

She went on to describe her most recent experience. "Last weekend, I was standing with the refrigerator door open wondering what happened to the eggs I thought I had just bought. I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I hopped back in my car and headed to the grocery store to buy another dozen since I had planned to make cookies for my daughter’s Sunday school class. Two days later my son says to me, ’Mom, I didn’t know you could freeze eggs in their shells?’ I looked at him perplexed, ’What are you talking about?’ To which he replied, ’There are a dozen eggs in the freezer.’ Mystery solved!â€

She continued, "I’m a business owner with 35 employees, I’ve bucked the economy, said ’See ya!’ to my banker and I can’t remember where I put the eggs go figure!â€

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