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December 20, 2010

No Time Like Now for Team Building

Economic reality means many businesses no longer can afford traditional team-building outings. But can they afford not to? Steve Hirt has just learned that you can’t put a price on investing in building personal relationships. The president of Optima, a De Pere-based consulting company, is smack in the middle of a difficult season that seemed to come out of nowhere.

"It hit fast and hard, and our heads are swimming†says Hirt, who just announced to his staff of 10 that it was necessary to temporarily reduce wages. At first, his voice sounds defeated. But as he talks about the team-building events that have created a close-knit family, there is a spark of hope.

"I am amazed at how our people are leaning on and supporting each other in a way that I believe is only possible because we intentionally built trust with our team.â€
Many companies like Optima may cut back on expensive team-building outings, but wouldn’t dream of cutting out meaningful ways to build morale among staff.

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