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February 20, 2011

Marketing: Strategy Before Social Media

How can entrepreneurs use social media to increase their odds of survivability? Based on the advice of local experts, it comes down to first having a marketing and an e-business strategy, and then figuring out which social media tools Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or any of the entrepreneurial networking sites like LinkedIn, Entrepreneur Connect, or Startup Nation can be used to execute your strategies.

While small businesses will continue to devote most of their resources to their websites and e-mail marketing, social media is more visible on their radar screens. But without first establishing a marketing and e-business strategy, which should be fundamental pieces of any modern business plan, social media tools will be misapplied. "Without a marketing strategy and then a concurrent e-marketing plan, you probably shouldn’t jump into your social media strategy because you have to know what your content approach is going to be," advised Paul Gibler, the "Web Chef" behind ConnectingDots, LLC.

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