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October 01, 2010

Managing Generational Differences

In today’s workplace, employees across the generations interact with one another at every level. Imagine needing to educate all of those employees about safety, technical skills or personal development. It can be a tall order, but as Terri Luebke, chief learning officer for Faith Technologies in Menasha told Insight News Editor MaryBeth Matzek, it can be done it just takes time to foster understanding and be flexible

I was at Schneider National in corporate training and was seeing a change in the type of people coming in and applying for jobs. At the same time, we were seeing changes in the office staff and how they wanted their training. That sparked something in me after I left and began my own firm, Inspired Training Institute. I earned my master’s degree and my thesis focused on Generation X. It made me realize not only do people of different generations learn differently, they also work differently and employers need to recognize that or risk having their employees tune out. I joined Faith about 18 months ago and we’ve been doing a lot about generational diversity and sincerely tailoring the training.

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