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March 05, 2012

Management: CEO's time is like a sack of cash

If you’re a CEO, your time is like a sack of cash. Where you spend it can have defining impact on your organization. How you spend that time is a subject of a new study conducted by scholars from the London School of Economics and the Harvard Business School. One of the central findings of the study, so far, is that CEOs from around the world spend at least a third of their work time in meetings. No surprises there. But within that finding are some subtle insights — and perhaps some tips - about how they manage that time. The study, known as The Executive Time Use Project, incorporates time logs (of tasks lasting longer than 15 minutes) kept by their assistants over the course of a week (the week was chosen by the researchers). The preliminary findings are being published in a Harvard Business School paper, and were reported recently in The Wall Street Journal.

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