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October 14, 2011

Leadership: Strategic planning

For some time I subscribed to a magazine called "Bottom Line/Personal.†This publication offers advice from experts in a wide spectrum of fields, from investments to relationships. Somehow, when I moved to Florida I failed to keep up with this helpful newsletter. I think I’ll get back on their subscription list.

One Bottom Line article that I found in my files resulted from an interview of John Capozzi, who was then head of JMC Industries, an investment banking firm. The title of the article is "What Successful Executives Must Remember to Stay Successful.â€

His advice is neatly organized into four areas: managing, personal excellence, meetings, and positive thinking.

The article was published in l998, but nothing in it seems outdated. On the contrary, Capozzi’s advice seems even more to the point now. Here are some of the key points in each area, along with my comments.

Your example is more important than your advice. Your employees watch you more than they listen, that’s what I believe.

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