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January 07, 2011

Leadership: Generation Y

Over the summer, I had the privilege of working with two eager interns (hired by one of our clients), each wearing a flashing neon sign on their foreheads….the one we talk about with leaders we support: MMFI. If you don’t already know….give it some thought. Make Me Feel…….I know, you’ve got it. Yes! IMPORTANT!

On the first day of their three-month job, the president of the company asked to meet with each of them, individually. His conversation was informal, focused on learning about them and on telling them a few things about himself. The impact was significant. These two interns were amazed that the president would take time to talk to them. The exact words of one of them, "I felt important when I was talking to him.†If a first impression is a lasting impression, then they will remember how important they felt….for a long time.

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