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June 20, 2012

Information Technology: Good IT Architecture Means Knowing When to Take Control

Should the management of your IT architecture be centralized or decentralized?

Last week’s Advice Line took the position that ETAM (enterprise technical architecture management) is a regulatory function, and that this is a good thing. Regulation is, in other words, what businesses call compliance, and IT calls enforcing standards. While it might not be obvious, ETAM-as-regulator and decentralized ETAM are one and the same.

You see, regulation is vital to performing many tasks responsibly and well. And those who create the regulations must be sophisticated practitioners for the regulations to provide positive assistance to those being regulated. Think building codes and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

But the regulatory model leaves quite a few necessary responsibilities unassigned -- hence the need for decentralized ETAM decision making.

The upside of a decentralized approach...

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