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June 25, 2012

Human Resources: Would You Recommend Your Kid Go Into IT?

I found myself wondering what I’d say to my son if he asked me whether he should go into IT. Now, obviously, I’m going to be supportive about almost any legal activity he really wants to pursue. But say he was in college, on the fence, and asking my advice (not necessarily a realistic assumption). What would I reply? Before I narrowed things down -- like, what part of IT are you talking about? -- I’d have to ask him if he really loved tech. Because if you don’t, you’ll never have the stamina to pull long hours to wrestle problems to the ground. You need that bulldog grip for just about every area of IT. If he wanted to be a developer, I’d encourage him. At its best it’s highly creative work, and with widespread adoption of agile development, you interact a lot with the business side, which can be good for job security. Developers will be the big winners in the cloud era: When dev and test infrastructure can be provisioned in a flash, there will be more and better apps, which will in turn increase demand.

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