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November 15, 2010

How You Do Business: Do you have a Code of Ethics?

Whatever the size of your business or how many employees you have even if it’s just you it is important for a business to have a set policy in place regarding the ethics and conduct that will be the standard for that business, area professionals say.

"Your reputation as a small employer is one of the things that sets you apart from the some of the other employers who might be able to provide a product at a smaller cost,†says Pam DeLeest, senior consultant in the Fox Cities Office of The HS Group. "How you deal with customers, and the quality of your response in handling complaints and problems, sets a small business apart from larger employers. You need to look at costs, but your reputation is everything.

"All businesses should have some type of code of ethics, but it’s even more important that a small employer have one. It should not be implied, but it should be talked about with all employees and be followed by all employees from the top down.â€

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