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November 17, 2010

Golden Angels Network Director Sees Significant Uptick in Quantity & Quality of Strategic Buyers

Tim Keane is the Marquette University Entrepreneur in Residence, the director of the Golden Angels Network and a friend of the firm. Tim has bought and sold several companies and also works as an independent consultant with a special focus in business
intelligence, growth strategy and harvesting value.

Tim sent me a copy of his latest e-mail to members of the Golden Angels. I thought our clients would find it interesting, so I asked Tim if I could pass it along:

"I’ve seen a significant uptick in the quantity and quality of strategic buyers sniffing around portfolio companies - ours and others - in the last 30-45 days. I’ve taken the time to talk to several substantial VCs who confirm, in the words of one, that strategics are ’out in force across a broad industry spectrum’ seeking to buy companies at an earlier stage and at a level he has not seen ’in at least ten years.’ My own qualitative data suggests the same thing."

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