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August 10, 2010

Farms Grow More than Vegetables

I feel very lucky to live in Madison. One of my favorite hobbies is cycling. I especially enjoy biking this time of year, because within minutes of leaving my house, I am riding through lush farm fields. My wife loves the farmers’ market, and comes home every Saturday morning with all kinds of produce brimming from her basket (I never used to know that Sorrel, Rapini and Cardoons were even foods). Local farms are a great asset to our area not just for their beauty and for pleasing our taste buds, but also for our businesses. That’s because farms don’t just grow vegetables they grow great employees.

When you interview prospective employees, you can test for a lot of things intelligence, personality traits, technical skills but it’s difficult to test for something I think is the backbone of the employee, their work ethic.

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