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October 15, 2010

Entrepreneurs Need to Partner with Specialists to Complement Their Strengths

In my previous column, we got inside the heads of the entrepreneurial generalists. Now, let’s find out what makes the specialists tick.

As an entrepreneur, see if you can identify with any of the personalities or behaviors described in this article.

As a group, the specialists are tactically and detail-oriented. They prefer stability and security and are responsible for their area of expertise and demonstrate risk-adverse behaviors. When measured by the researchers, their compliance factor was much greater than their dominance factor. This is in direct opposition to the generalists whose dominance factor is much greater than their compliance factor. This is the source of the generalist’s need to win and the root of their belief that they are always right.

While the specialist does things by the book, follows rules and procedures, the generalist is more apt to assume a greater degree of risk. The identified personality types for the specialist are authority, collaborator and the diplomat.

As I mentioned in my previous article, Bill Wagner of Entrepreneurial Magazine looked at the many entrepreneurial personalities, emotional intelligence and their brain dominance. This article will concentrate on the personalities and behaviors of the specialists. As you will see by the information presented, in order to be successful. many of the identified entrepreneurial personalities need to find a business partner whose personality and skill sets complement theirs. Otherwise, they reduce their chances of being successful in the development or maintenance of an entrepreneurial enterprise.

The authority
This group of entrepreneurs is not usually the best one to start a business, but they know how to make the products correctly and provide their customers with a high level of service.

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