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September 17, 2010

Customer Service: An Opportunity, not a Problem

In these economic times, client acquisition and retention is job No. 1.

While this is an obvious conclusion, my own negative experiences tend to mirror yours, suggesting that not all organizations are walking the talk at a very high level along these lines.

What can organizations do to handle complaints better, in essence, turning lemons into lemonade? In our consulting practice, we like to explore these charged interactions where a customer is upset, frustrated, angry, etc., as moments of truth. We think that if they are well-handled, customer satisfaction can actually be heightened because the problem is resolved and corresponding trust has been built, as follows: You heard the customer’s concern, you responded to it without becoming defensive or dismissive, and you took care of the situation to the customer’s satisfaction.

To begin, let me make the following observations about customer complaints:

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