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June 15, 2010

Company Boards Must Assume Cyber Attacks Will Occur

Cyber attacks are now so common that corporate directors must assume that their companies’ intellectual property will be stolen, according to experts at today’s Bloomberg Link Boards & Risk Conference in Washington. "Boards can’t keep hoping they won’t be attacked because they will be,†said Val Rahmani, chief executive of Atlanta-based security-consulting firm Damballa, Inc. My colleagues Peter Elstrom and Rochelle Garner wrote about corporate boards and cyber attacks in a story published today by Bloomberg News.

Security experts such as Patrick Morley, CEO of enterprise security firm Bit9 say that attacks are on the rise. Morley came to visit me last week in San Francisco after giving an educational seminar about how to stop malware. He predicts that security will move toward so-called white listing, the practice of defining the software that IT departments will let run on computers and mobile devices. Bit9 has created a global registry of known "good software†and offers a product that acts as a sentry, only letting employees download applications that aren’t dangerous.

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