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September 10, 2010

Boost Productivity with an Internal Website

There is a critical question facing many leaders in today’s business world: How do I keep morale high while staff numbers are low?

All around the world, companies are doing more with less. Efficiency became all the rage as small businesses trimmed down to keep the lights on. Telecommuting boomed, and not because top brass bought into the idea of work-life balance, but because it helped the bottom line.

The irony is that companies have started making back profits, but aren’t willing to hire. And why should they? Employees are willing to do more for less with the ever looming pink slip waiting around the corner. With this kind of news, it’s staggering that so many businesses have raised productivity while staff numbers dwindled. Is it strictly fear-based productivity, or are companies becoming better businesses?

So, how do businesses stop the productivity "bubble†from popping?

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