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Business Articles

July 28, 2011

Leadership: Five ways to reinvent your business

No business can survive without undergoing change. Customer needs and wants change, and companies must keep pace with those changes.This month Im sharing the story of an international manufacturer headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin. Its name is …
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July 08, 2011

Management: Project management involves focusing on the details

When Noah was directed by the Lord to build an ark, he was given a specific scope of work and detailed instructions on how to construct it.This is not always true in business when you are required from time to time to submit a quote or respond to a …
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July 01, 2011

Technology: The right device and apps make the office wherever you happen to be

There is a lament about technology that usually begins with the anecdote we put a man on the moon with less computing power than in todays digital wristwatch. Just imagine what those engineers could have done with a smartphone Houston, I think we …
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