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January 26, 2011

Sales: The 8 Buyer Personas & How to Sell to Them

A while ago at a conference I had dinner with two people. The first, (well call her Janine) I had known since we worked together six years earlier. The second person (Ed), Janine and I had just met.Janine described a sales challenge she was facing. …
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January 10, 2011

Strategies: Serious Steps to Save Paper

Remember the predictions just a few years ago that technology would turn us into a paperless society? It doesnt look like that will happen anytime soon. The American Forest and Paper Association reports that the average American uses approximately …
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January 07, 2011

Leadership: Generation Y

Over the summer, I had the privilege of working with two eager interns (hired by one of our clients), each wearing a flashing neon sign on their foreheads.the one we talk about with leaders we support: MMFI. If you dont already know.give it some …
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January 07, 2011

Sales: The Perfect Cold Call

How are you? A harmless enough phrase, right? Heck, without it, 80 percent of all phone calls would never get started.It seems to work as an ice breaker when we call our friends, colleagues and others that we know, so why not use it as an ice …
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