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December 20, 2011


Recently we conducted economic surveys in Dane County, Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, and Northeast Wisconsin. What was somewhat surprising is that slightly over 50% of the businesses surveyed were hiring. What is even more interesting is that there are also applicant shortages at over 50% of the companies that are hiring. How can there be a labor shortage when unemployment rates remain so high?

We asked a question to help categorize the applicant shortages - are companies looking for recent graduates or experienced workers with high school, technical school, undergraduate, or graduate degrees? The answers to this were quite interesting. We found that the top two categories included tech school graduates, with over 50% of those hiring indicating a shortage of experienced technical school grads - by far the largest category. The bottom two categories were experienced and recent grad school graduates, with only about 5% of firms needing recent grad school graduates.
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