Trust Associate
Employee since 2013

“I was looking to relocate to the Madison area so I started the job hunt. It is not unusual that you find a company like this that looks good on paper, but once you start it's not what they promised. When I applied to First Business I thought it was too good to be true, and if I got hired I would see the truth after a few months. I am happy to say that to this day I am still impressed with First Business and am thankful I was lucky enough to get this position. First Business respects their employees and truly wants them to succeed, because that is how the company succeeds. I am encouraged to take training if I think it's necessary, and to try new options, and I really feel my voice is heard. You don't get opportunity like that in some bigger companies. I have had professional jobs in the past, but none compare to First Business. I truly feel like my success does come first and my future is what I make it here. Making this move was the best thing I could have hoped for and more.”


Marketing & Digital Associate
Employee since 2011

“My first job out of college was with First Business and I am happy to say I could not have found a better place to start my professional career. Each day I am given an opportunity to push my limits and bring new ideas to the table. It is very rewarding to see my contributions put into action.”

“A large part of what makes First Business a great place to work are the people. Everyone is so welcoming and the management is exceptional. A large emphasis is put on your personal growth and development as a professional. Your success really does come first.”


Sr. Vice President
Employee since 1993

“At First Business, I have learned that when you are surrounded by good people and work hard, success follows. As a tenured employee of First Business, I am proud to tell the community I work for such a stellar organization. First Business supports employees by coaching, empowering us and giving us the tools we need to succeed. I have always felt challenged and First Business provides an ample amount of opportunity to grow with numerous possibilities to learn. I am I surrounded by smart, friendly, and talented people, who take success seriously but know how to have fun. Here at First Business leadership is very approachable and encourages employees to communicate and give input to become more efficient and make it an even better environment to work in.”


Vice President Treasury Services
Employee since July 2000

“I was with First Business for four years when my wife's military obligation took us to Japan for two years. When our time overseas was up I had the opportunity to explore other options as we moved back home to Wisconsin. Through this process, I realized that I wanted to return to First Business because of how well I was treated, all the opportunities I received, and all the great people that I was able to work with. Coming back was definitely the right decision.”


Courier Supervisor
Employee since July 1993

“Working at First Business is like working with family. I would call First Business 'a family away from home.' The people that I work with are not just coworkers, but members of an extended family. I have worked here for 20 years and have always been treated with respect and feel valued every day.”


Field Examiner
Employee since June 2007

“While I was still in college, I began at First Business as an intern in the Northeast bank. I worked with a great group, and I also gained knowledge to jumpstart my career in the industry. As my graduation date approached, a full-time position opened up in Madison. I was already looking to move from the Fox Valley to Madison, and since my internship was so pleasant it was a perfect opportunity (Not to mention it saved me a lot of job-hunting). I quickly learned that I made a great decision in sticking with First Business and have since realized how lucky I am to have found this company so early in my professional career.”


Senior Financial Accountant
Employee since January 2006

“I started working at First Business immediately after I graduated college. As an entry-level accountant, my range of responsibilities would have been limited had I decided to enter public accounting. I chose First Business because of the challenging work environment they were able to offer me as a young professional. In addition, First Business has an excellent educational assistance program that has allowed me to go back to school to pursue my MBA, as well as study and sit for the CPA certification exams. I look forward to enhancing my career as I continue to grow with First Business.”

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