• Collection Services

Our Collection Services can improve operational efficiencies, enhance receivable management, and reduce the risk of fraud.

Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH) Origination

  • Process debit or credit files
  • More efficient with no checks to reconcile and no stop payments necessary
  • Less expensive than issuing and reconciling checks
  • Less expensive than wire transfers
  • Settlement of funds within one day of origination

Cash Concentration

  • Consolidate funds into First Business Bank from other financial institutions by setting up scheduled transfers
  • Set up transfers through ACH for specific dates, days, or collected balance criteria

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Make deposits electronically from your place of business by scanning checks
  • Checks are retained and secured under your dual control
  • Scanner is small and easy to install
  • Web-based application requires no additional software
  • Information can be downloaded into your Accounts Receivable software package
  • Extends deadline for submitting deposits
  • Convenient because it eliminates trips to the bank, deadlines for courier, and delays in mailing deposits
  • Eliminates the need to hold deposits
  • Consolidate bank accounts to eliminate maintenance and reconciliation expenses

Wholesale Lockbox

  • Wisconsin lockbox for local businesses
  • Convert receivables into available cash more quickly and efficiently
  • Payments mailed directly to central lockbox location where they are deposited and credited on the same day received
  • Streamline collections by eliminating the need to prepare deposits and take them to the bank
  • Efficient processing accelerates the availability of funds
  • Increase in available cash can mean a reduction in interest expense on a loan, an investment opportunity, or a reduction in bank fees
  • Time saved frees your staff for other responsibilities within the business
  • Receivables are processed in a secure, controlled environment

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  • Loan payments and deposits are picked up by First Business Bank couriers
  • Delivers petty cash and financial documents
  • Provides personal check cashing service
  • Receipt included with next time delivery
  • Cater to client pickup needs: daily, specific day, or on-call

Cash Handling Services

  • Nearest First Business location or local branch of our partner bank: Deposit cash and place change orders for pick-up
  • Cash Vault: Keep your staff safe and secure by transporting cash for deposit into your bank account through an armored courier 
  • Smart Safe Technology: Cash is deposited on site into a Smart Safe that digitally reads and counts currency and detects counterfeit items.  The armored courier picks up cash from your smart safe and reconciles the reported deposits to the contents
  • Change Orders: Conveniently place change orders to be picked up at one of our locations, or delivered to you through our cash vault or Smart Safe service

Merchant Credit Card Services

  • Debit and credit card acceptance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Open-ended term agreement
  • Equipment and integration assistance
  • Personalized client service from designated relationship managers
  • Annual account review

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