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First Business Factors can help you move quickly and confidently to solve your financial goals, improving your cash flow to meet the needs of rapid growth, or a temporary business setback. Here’s why First Business Factors is the first call you should make if you need a factoring solution.

  • Competitive Pricing. As a division of First Business Financial Services (NASDAQ: FBIZ), a billion-dollar-plus financial services company, we offer a cost structure advantage.
  • Responsiveness. We understand that when factoring is needed, timing is everything. We’re set up to act quickly, converting accounts receivable into cash within 24 hours of initial approval.
  • Transparency. We’re part of a regulated banking institution. That means no hidden fees. The deal we quote is the deal you get. Experience. Our Senior VP and Division Manager Gail Heldke has been providing customized factoring solutions to customers for thirty years. She’s supported by a seasoned team of factoring experts.
  • Future Financing Solutions. First Business Financial Services can continue to help you as you grow and meet your financial goals to transition from factoring to traditional asset-based lending or bank financing.
We make your business our priority. Call Gail Heldke today at (847)493-8333.

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