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Peggy Stoop
Assistant Vice President
First Business Bank - Milwaukee

With highly competitive products and a custom level of service, the First Business model relies on one-to-one relationships between our specialists and our private banking clients.

Business owners, key executives, and high net worth individuals want more than typical retail bank services. While waiting in line for tellers during standard banking hours works for many people, there are individuals who require and demand more. More top-level access. More personal consultation. And more customized services. First Business private banking was created specifically to deliver more.

Our private banking model is designed for individuals who want to be clients, not just customers. As such, they need to know that every solution we suggest will be highly competitive—and that our success depends on the depth and quality of the relationships we build.

Our private banking clients often have very significant deposits. It is very important that these clients earn excellent returns while maintaining liquidity to meet their individual needs. Our Enhanced Cash Management service delivers the solution that these clients desire. We consult with each client, and help determine individual liquidity requirements. We then develop alternative deposit strategies for the client to consider. After consultation, we implement the selected strategy and continue to monitor the client's needs. Enhanced Cash Management delivers excellent returns and the liquidity that each client desires. We look forward to consulting with you to find ways to enhance your returns.

As a private banking client, a First Business team is created specifically for you, with each member of that team fully aware of your current situation and longer-term goals. By developing strong team-oriented relationships, we are able to respond to any request quickly and effectively.

A typical financial institution of our size would have tens of thousands of clients. But First Business is not a typical financial institution. Under our focused approach we serve fewer clients so that each receives the quality of service — and personalized attention from top-level decision makers — they deserve. We join your existing team of attorneys, accountants, brokers, and life insurance advisors and carefully coordinate our services with theirs to help you achieve your personal goals.

Our private banking specialists have the breadth of products and services necessary to help you achieve success.

  • A highly experienced, professional private banking team
  • Consultative service model including transition and succession planning assistance and seamless coordination as a member of your team
  • Integration of service delivery with your insurance, investment, and other professional advisors
  • Fully integrated deposit, money market, and checking services
  • Credit services for both businesses and personal needs
  • Unsecured personal line of credit for qualified clients
  • Mortgage loan services
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) with no application or annual fees
  • Full array of trust services
  • Access to leading investment managers for longer-term assets
  • Free online banking, Bill Pay, and debit card with no annual fee
What do you need, want, and deserve from your personal private banking team? Let's talk and find out. For every client, private banking requires a custom blend of the personal and the professional. Let us show you how it can work for you. Contact your First Business representative for details.

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