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Steve Brenton, President & CEO of Wisconsin Hospital Association, Inc. with Mark Meloy and Joan Burke

Wisconsin Hospital Association

"First Business keeps our investments healthy and growing."

"Several years ago, we were looking for a financial institution to help us manage our investments and day-to-day banking. We found the ideal partner in First Business Bank. They listened to us and understood the services we provide our members. Working with us, their trust and investment group has created several customized portfolios that have performed above the established market benchmarks. Plus, since the bank is locally owned, we have easy access to their team of talented business specialists. Thanks to First Business, our resources and assets continue to grow.."

Steve Brenton, President & CEO, Wisconsin Hospital Association, Inc.

Professor R. Stephen and Gail Humphreys

"For us, First Business Trust & Investments has been a terrific discovery!"

"As a professor, I have constant demands on my time. My wife is equally busy. Before FBTI, we were missing investment opportunities and were not managing our retirement savings effectively. FBTI has changed all that. They started by working with us to develop an asset allocation plan that meets our individual needs. With the plan in place, they took charge-and this is what distinguishes FBTI. They consolidated our scattered assets into a single managed account, made investments in support of our plan, and now they monitor and actively manage those investments daily to keep us on course. My wife and I are free to do what we do best, confident FBTI is minding the store. Their client service is first class, their performance impressive. Thank you FBTI."

Professor R. Stephen and Gail Humphreys

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