First Business

February 01, 2012

Topic: Management & Leadership

Podcast: Leadership Plasticity™

Speaker(s): Christine McMahon

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Rapid changing economic conditions require organizations to quickly adapt in an effort to best leverage market opportunities. Since a leader's behaviors and attitudes are contagious, leaders who gracefully embrace the process of ongoing renewal profoundly influence the trajectory of their business results.
During this program, Christine will discuss:

  • The five tenets for business growth during periods of rapid change
  • The business case for creating a strong adaptive culture
  • Six disciplines necessary to build and sustain high performance
  • The importance of modeling a leader's mindset
  • How to leverage human capital to maximize full engagement

Our February speaker, Christine McMahon helps companies leverage changing market conditions, not be a victim of them. Clients appreciate her ability to synthesize complex information, identify the opportunity in the problem and develop actionable strategies. Some of her clients include: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Ingram Micro, Baird, Berghammer Construction, and Lakeside Foods.