First Business

December 15, 2011

Topic: Management & Leadership

First Business Economic Forum of Northeast Wisconsin


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The results of the 2011 First Business Economic Survey are in. Find out what Northeast Wisconsin leaders are saying about 2011 actual and 2012 predicted:

  • sales revenue
  • total operating costs
  • capital expenditures
  • profitability
  • number of employees
  • changes in wages
  • changes in pricing
  • demand for education and experience levels in job applicants

Join us on December 15 for our First Business Economic Forum. David Ward will highlight the 2011 survey results. Following the presentation, Margaret LeBrun will moderate a panel discussion with local business leaders on the economic climate of Northeast Wisconsin.

Panelists include:

  • Sheila Jenkins, President of Network Health Plan
  • Vicki Updike, President of Miles Kimball
  • Mark Lasky, Chief Executive Officer of Sadoff and Rudoy Industries, LLP
  • Bob Zemple, Partner at Baker Tilly
  • Ann Franz, Strategic Partnership Manager of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

This is the ninth year the survey is being conducted in Wisconsin, and the fourth year the survey will focus on Northeast Wisconsin. This event is brought to you at no cost, thanks to our sponsors: First Business Bank, A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research, Insight Publications, and NorthStar Economics.