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Corey Chambas: President & CEO of First Business Financial Services, Inc.

Corey Chambas, President & CEO of First Business Financial Services, Inc. is a featured blogger for IBMadison.com. Corey has over 25 years experience working with local businesses. He currently serves as a director of several of First Business's companies, is a board member of M3 Insurance Solutions, an advisory board member of Bellbrook Labs and Aldine Capital Fund, and a member of the Strategic Issues Campaign Committee for the United Way of Dane County.

Corey's recent blog postings are featured below.

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Recent Blog Posts

November 16, 2015

Ask Questions: A Great Lesson From My 4 Year Old

by Bonnie Van Epps, Vice President - Talent Development Manager, First Business Financial Services, Inc.

I have a four year old who has recently started asking a lot of questions. And I don’t mean just a few, simple questions, I mean questions that literally make me stop and think, Hmmmm - I’m not sure if I know the answer to that or even HOW to answer that.  A few of his …

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November 03, 2015

3 Things To Do At Every Conference You Attend

by Theresa Wiese, SVP - Compliance and Risk Management, First Business

I recently got back from a large conference that had well-known keynote speakers, topics led by subject matter experts, and break-out sessions that engaged and spurred conversation. Here are a few thoughts/lessons learned from the experience: 

1. Network as much as possible. 

Take the opportunity to have lunch, dinner or a glass of wine with people you’ve never met before to capitalize on their …

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October 12, 2015

How I Became A Student...Again

by Craig Cerbins, Assistant Vice President, First Business Bank – Milwaukee

Recently I had the opportunity to take a step back in time. No, I don’t mean rotating the TV antenna to get better reception for the Packers game (even though I did do that recently – more on that later). 

I became a student…again

I enrolled in the Graduate School of Banking (GSB) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison which is regarded as the national leader for advanced bank management training …

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