June 10, 2011

Leadership: Focus on what you can control

"We live in an uncertain world.†How many times have you heard that? Every time I hear it I wonder about a "certain†world whenever did that exist? This line of thinking leads me to ponder related words, such as "trust†and "security.â€

Security is defined by Wikipedia as a degree of protection against danger, damage, loss and crime. It involves a separation created between the assets and the threat. (It is important to remember that word "degree†is in the definition.)

We have computer security, supposed protection against cracking, hacking and phreaking. Most of us spend money to buy this kind of security, yet few of us escape these threats altogether. I guess we comfort ourselves by believing that our hacking, cracking and phreaking experiences would be a lot worse if we didn’t have those security systems. No way to know for sure, is there?

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